The personal safety and health of each employee is of primary importance. The prevention of occupational induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over operating productivity. To the greatest degree possible, management will provide mechanical and physical facilities required for personal safety and health in keeping with the highest standards.

We will maintain a safety and health program conforming to the best practices of organizations of this type. To be successful, such a program must embody the proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention on the part of both supervisors and employees. It also requires cooperation in all safety and health matters, not only between supervisor and employee, but also between each employee and his or her fellow workers. Only through such a cooperative effort can a safety record in the best interest of all be established and maintained.

Our objective is a safety and health program that will reduce the number of disabling injuries and illness to a minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing the best experience of other operations similar to ours. Our goal is ZERO accidents and injuries.